New spaces to become Effer experts

22 Sep 2017

On September 15, 2017, at Effer headquarters in Minerbio (Bologna), we inaugurated a new area dedicated to the training of the technical staff of our partners from all over the world which participates in the courses of the Effer Academy.

Since 2013 the Academy has trained nearly 400 technicians and has expanded its offer, from Effer electronic management systems to hydraulics, with attention to the different levels of the participants’ knowledge.

Our teacher Mauro Rovinetti explains what improvements have been made to our Academy to give an even higher level of service.

– Mauro, which are the news about the Academy compared to the previous editions?

“To give more value to our courses we have invested more and more on the practical part. The Academy sessions already provided the direct training on a crane, but we made further improvements.

Now we have permanently set up an outside area next to one of our production plants that allows the trainees directly experience the troubleshooting on the crane, as well as the various features of the Progress 2.0 electronic management system.

In this way, for the participants it’s much easier to operate on one of our cranes simulating real situations. Once they return to their home, they can share with their colleagues what they have learned.

Another improvement in the exterior area is a new housing module with air conditioning for the summer and heating system for the winter from which to move the crane in a comfortable situation. A way to extend the courses throughout the year without depending on the climatic conditions, and to ensure that more and more technical staff of our sales network can be trained. “

– Which are the features of the crane used for troubleshooting?

“The crane used for the Effer Academy area is installed on a structure that faithfully reproduces a truck in all its parts, including perfectly functioning auxiliary stabilizers. In this way it is really possible to simulate real intervention conditions, and the training is effective. Obviously, the cranes used in this demo area are always equipped with the latest version of Progress 2.0 with all the features available, so the participants are able to identify and handle any problems even on the most recent cranes.
As for the DMU 3000 PLUS electronic management system, with more basic and intuitive functionality, we use a simulator that allows quick, both theoretical and practical learning. “

– Which are the news about the theoretical side of the Academy?

“Obviously, we were also concerned about improving the classroom learning conditions. That is why we have set up a special room to increase participants’ comfort during lessons, including state-of-the-art technology solutions that enable better interaction and more effective training. With the next sessions we will be concerned about measuring the graders’ liking as always in these years, with the aim of continually improving. “