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New 125: the lightness of the jib

Discover the most powerful truck cranes in the world


A new construction philosophy

Discover the most powerful truck cranes in the world

  • Light


    Effer does not only make amazing big and medium cranes, but successfully covers the light segment too: cranes in this range can lift from 2 to 10 txm and combine power, agility and effectiveness.

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  • Medium


    Effer cranes in the medium range have a lifting capacity between 10 and 30 txm, and countless and versatile configurations.

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  • Big


    Effer big cranes have a lifting capacity between 30 and 300 txm and are ideal for working with heavy loads in a safe and effective way even under extreme situations.

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Product Guide

The maximum value in loader cranes, condensed in 7 Infotechs.

The Product Guide is divided into some topics (Infotechs) to communicate to everybody in a simple and clear way the reasons to choose Effer cranes: from the light but powerful structure to the effective electronic control systems, to the solutions to stabilize in complete safety according to your needs.

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Effer World

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