About us

During the conduct of the company’s business, all members of the Effer SpA organisation undertake to operate in compliance with the principles set out in the Code of Ethics and the Parent Company’s specific policy on this subject.

In particular, all those operating in the interest, in the name or on the behalf of Effer SpA are forbidden, even indirectly, to accept, offer or promise unearned money, gifts, goods, services, benefits or favours (also in terms of employment opportunities) in relationships with public officials, public service staff or private entities, which may even only be interpreted as exceeding normal business practice or courtesy, or as being in any way intended to obtain favourable treatment in the conduct of any activity which may be connected to Effer SpA.

Members of the Effer SpA organisation who receive gifts or benefits which do not comply with the permitted categories are obliged to use the set procedures to report the occurrence to the Effer Spa Supervisory Body, which will assess their appropriateness.

Information regarding the Parent Company’s Policy can be requested from:
Effer SpA
Organismo di Vigilanza
Via IV Novembre 12
40061 Minerbio (BOLOGNA)
Or by email from the following address: odv@effer.com