After Sales

Effer’s After Sales Service gives timely and effective support to the client and the partner which, thanks to the dedicated website, can check the trend of their tickets.
The Spare Parts Department is engaged in collecting clients’ enquiries from all over the world, and in providing to ship as quickly as possible the pieces required. Effer’s spare parts staff also supports partners and clients in the choice of the parts most suitable to their needs.
Effer’s After Sales Division is also engaged in the training of dealers’ technical staff with Effer Academy courses made by our personnel in accordance with the “train the trainer” philosophy.


Effer constantly strives to train the technical personnel of its worldwide sales network and thus provide a valuable service to their customers.
With this mission Effer Academy courses have been established, open to all Effer dealer technical staff and authorized workshops, to enhance their product knowledge and enable them to provide valuable customer support when needed.

Effer Academy

The Effer courses philosophy is “train the trainer”, i.e. training staff who can then pass on their knowledge to co-workers. These courses usually take place at the Effer plant in Minerbio (Bologna, Italy) where there is a designated area set up for training, with cranes for the practical testing.
Also classroom practice sessions are held in groups: participants are divided up so mixing up different professions of various backgrounds facilitating learning, team building, and the exchange of expertise.

Effer training staff are also available to provide in-house courses at business partners’ headquarters so giving the best possible support to the worldwide service network.
The number of people trained by Effer Academy is growing year by year, as well as the level of learning and satisfaction of the participants. Effer trainers constantly monitor results in order to effectively customize the courses that Effer Academy offers.

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