JIB XL: reach where others cannot

23 Sep 2019

More performance, even further with the new JIB

We have chosen to go further and give the most demanding crane operators a new concept JIB that guarantees even greater performance and outreach.

We intercepted the market’s need for a tool able to lift more and go further, then we created the new JIB XL.

Its special design allows you to be more competitive and carry out operations that are not possible with other equipment.

Furthermore, the new fix position of the hook on the structure of the JIB guarantees an additional attachment point, close to the fulcrum of the crane: the ideal solution for lifting even the heaviest loads when the extensions are closed, and being able to carry out even the most specialized jobs.

This means you can make the most of the JIB XL for your business without limits, and that you can carry out very special and more profitable jobs.

The basic structure of the JIB XL is the same as the previous one (‘JIB L’), but in this new version the longer extensions give the joint a length greater than 1.6 m compared to the JIB L.

The JIB XL is available on some Effer super-heavy range cranes: