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Excellent stability

Optional base

The truck to which the crane is fitted has a frame which must be reinforced and made more rigid to resist against stress adequately. For this reason a subframe needs to be placed between the crane and truck.

Effer supplies as an option on some models a high strength steel self-supporting subframe applying directly to the truck frame.

Option 1: Integral extension

As additional optional you can choose the subframe integral extension made according to the truck model, entirely painted and ready to mount.

Option 2: CroSStab

Another optional item is the CroSStab, an Effer patent which allows you to adjust the stabilizers diagonally in the opposite direction of the casing, extending the maximum stabilization at 360°. Using the CroSStab you can have a free work area at the base of the crane to carry out heavy lifting.

Option 3: V-Stab

For some 60-80 txm range models an integral basel is also available with stabilisers oriented permanently towards the vehicle cabin. Exceptional results in front and side stability combined with compactness of the installed crane allow working in confined spaces. Moreover, thanks to V-Stab the cost of any stabilisers in front of the cabin are avoided, and stability at the front is even greater.

Effer optional base, CroSStab and V-Stab


    Stability while moving. Cranes equipped with an integral subframe have a lower center of gravity thus reducing the overall height of the vehicle and rendering it more stable when moving.


    More loading space. The use of special steels and the painstaking engineering design enable the production of extremely compact subframes leaving more loading space along the height of the truck.

    More transportable weight. The optional base and integral extension have an optimal weight/rigidity ratio and therefore there are various loading possibilities in terms of weight.

    Customization. Effer provides the complete frame for any type of truck.

    Punto 2 DSC_1165_a  Foto punto 4

  3. CroSStab

    360° stability. The diagonal positioning of the stabilizer booms allows the crane to work up to 100% of its performances over its 360° rotation (*).

    Large loads near the crane. Using the stabilizers adjusted diagonally you can handle large and heavy loads near the base of the crane.

    Front loading. The CroSStab system gives better results at lower prices compared to the main alternative solutions for lifting front loads.

    Rotating System. Thanks to this solution, the stabiliser can be oriented in multiple positions on the side of the truck, obtaining great flexibility in crane positioning and the ability to operate where others stop.

    (*) In the limited area between the stabilizers’ diagonals you can have a little drop in performance according to the type of truck. Effer provides feasibility studies upon demand.

    Punto 7 IMG_8952 20101020 D5000 086_Crosstab punto 8

  4. V-STAB

    Important angles. With the V-Stab solution, the shape of the integrated base with stabilisers allows an above dumper-truck operating area of as much as 243°: a much higher range than traditional solutions (+35% of the full load).

    No space limit. Thanks to the configuration of the fully re-closable stabilisers, it is possible to work in the tightest of spaces moving even large loads near the truck.

    Free to move. The height of the complete vehicle, crane and equipment, remains under 4 meters for standard trucks.

    Reaching where others cannot. V-Stab allows you to move the load at a distance even greater than 15 meters compared to traditional stabilisation, with maximum boom reach.

    Combined solutions. Effer is able to realize custom stabilisations, such as the XV stabilisation.

    Screenshot 2016-02-15 10.41.17_immagine A1 possibile Punto 10_685 V-Stab_Piccini_bella - No loghi Punto 10_V-Stab su strada VStabScreenshot 2016-02-18 11.18.36 Punto 13 IMG_0882



    The optional base and integral extension allow for an extremely quick installation. The greater residual payload capacity reduces the transport time of goods. CroSStab, thanks to its positioning flexibility, allows truck placement to be reduced making you save a lot of time.


    The CroSStab and V-Stab systems can be mounted easily onto a second truck, when the first truck has reached the end of its lifespan, preserving its value over time.


    Working at 360° with maximum performance, Effer cranes allow you to perform works in extreme conditions, which are impossible to perform using conventional stabilization systems.