In EFFER light range, 175.2 is a perfect tool for loading and unloading materials, and it can make you more competitive, especially in the building and construction sector. This means that you can have a crane able to work in an easy, effective and safe way in building sites, making more operations
thanks to 175.2 working speed.

Versatility is the word
175.2 is a very reliable crane to carry out different works in combination with different accessories: buckets, grab, brick grab etc.
If you need to go further, you can always choose to add the jib to the base version crane, to always have the perfect partner for your work. Plus, with PROGRESS 2.0 electronic system, you can keep everything under control

Light & Strong
175.2 is a light range crane, but it is not afraid of hard work. Thanks to its high-strength steel structure, 175.2 guarantees very high operating performance.

Data sheet

Description Unit of measure 2S 3S 4S 5S 6S
Max. hydraulic outreach m 8,32 10,40 12,53 14,75 16,72
Max. lifting moment (+10°) kgm 15480 15260 14840 14400 14130
kNm 152 150 145 141 139
Slewing arc (°) 400
Slewing Capacity – Max slope % 8,7
Max oil delivery l/min 60
Oil tank capacity l 80
Weight of the standard crane (± 2%) kg 1895 2025 2150 2260 2345

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment

Load Diagrams

175.2 - 2S
175.2 - 3S
175.2 - 3S JIB 2S
3S  JIB 2S
175.2 - 3S JIB 3S
3S  JIB 3S
175.2 - 4S
175.2 - 4S JIB 2S
4S  JIB 2S
175.2 - 4S JIB 3S
4S  JIB 3S
175.2 - 5S
175.2 - 6S
175.2 - C3S
175.2 - C4S
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