Effer takes the issue of safety extremely seriously. It deal with it both within the company, by training its own staff, as well as in terms of its product, studying solutions which guarantee  maximum operator protection for choosers of this brand.


Workplace Safety

Effer not only trains its staff to meet existing regulations and guidelines, but also promotes the organization and implementation of specialized courses dedicated to professionals working in the production departments to ensure greatest protection so ensuring safety in the workplace. Monthly indicators relating to possible accidents (whose numbers are low and constantly subject to preventive and corrective actions), are issued at  its  factories and offices, together with guidance on how to avoid them. This raises everyone’s safety awareness and provides tools on how to improve workplace safety.


360 °n Health and safety protection at work

Effer not only fulfils legal obligations concerning the protection of health in the workplace, but also carries out its prevention. The qualified doctors serving  Effer for compliance with health surveillance place close attention to the workers’ health which goes beyond what is prescribed by health protocol standards, performing periodical medical tests.  These exceed those legally required and provide personal information and / or suggestions for better health care going beyond the scope of work activities and thereby encompassing health issues in general.

Furthermore, staff involved in the processing of steel are subjected to regular specialized tests in order to verify the correct level of their exposure to dust and fumes emitted during welding operations. All those involved in the production process are subjected to periodic audiometric tests, even workers who, according to the results of the risk assessment of noise, are well below the exposure limit value that would make specialized medical hearing tests necessary.

The Service for Prevention and Protection against Effer risks also organizes in-depth meetings for Effer staff on topics such as harm caused by smoking, affecting not just health protection in the workplace, but also the private sphere of everyday life.


Customer Safety

The Effer R & D division has always studied and developed solutions to ensure maximum operator safety, as shown in the Product Guide (link) icon Safety. This care is reflected in electronic management systems such as the Progress and Progress 2.0. An example is the device Virtual Shield, the system to protect the cab of the truck from any possible collision with the crane, or the system Pro.Dec (Progressive Deceleration) which consists in the presence of hydraulic end-shock absorbers which eliminate shocks between jacks in opening and closing for safer and more effective work.