Effer Kaizen Philosophy

Since 2012 Effer has embarked on a a very important path in order to be more competitive and efficient in a rapidly changing market, which presents new challenges every day. Effer has chosen to introduce the philosophy KaiZen at both a strategic and an operational level to continuously  improve everyone’s  work in the company.

Kai = Change
Zen = Better
KaiZen = Improve and  Innovate Changing

Dedicated to this philosophy, Effer uses tools such as the procedures and logic PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) and our staff undertake many activities to improve production and management processes through working groups that analyse areas for improvement and take steps to achieve concrete results.

Using the KaiZen approach people are indeed enabled in seeing the way they work from a different point of view and in turn applying the new more effective working methods . For Effer, this also means raising the product value, the service and the effectiveness of its personel.