A colourful Effer for Belgium

24 Jun 2016

Effer's Belgian customer ServiMat (Hainaut, Belgium) is engaged in the construction materials and services sector. It is also often involved in the installation of swimming pools, a very delicate and high-end product which is extremely difficoult to be handled. ServiMat needed a tool which would be able to quickly and safely position 10,000 liter pools, and the company also required a winch to easily handle glass Lea mas ›

Effer cranes on tour! Next stage: Ankomak 2016 with TLF Makine

19 May 2016

The 21st edition of the International Construction Machinery, Building elements & Construction technologies Exhibition is back in the Effer agenda. The event will take place from the 1st to the 5th of June 2016 at Istanbul Expo Centre. It is a fair which has been certainly accompanying turkish construction industry's growth in its various stages and influencing the exports' boom Lea mas ›


30 Jun 2015

At Expo 2015 an Effer 1355 posed a copy of the statue, famous symbol of Milan On 29th of april 2015 the Effer crane 1355 of the client Geonova lifted and posed the statue of Virgin Mary at the Rho-Fiera pavilion at Expo, Milan. The monument, covered with gold, is a copy of the one atop Milan Cathedral, put there Lea mas ›