A memorable achievement: 500 times Effer for Hodel Betriebe AG!

26 Feb 2019

The historic Swiss partner of Effer celebrated the delivery of the 500th crane to the customer EZB AG: an important milestone confirming its reliability and expertise.

Since 19 years (2000) Hodel Betriebe AG is one of the most successful Effer partners: its staff has first-rate skills in the installation and study of the most customized solutions.
These characteristics allowed him to reach a well-deserved goal: on 22nd February 2019 the delivery of the 500th Effer crane, a 525 6 + 6 super full optional, took place: additional direct controls from rotor distributor and certified bucket for PLE, anti- fall, with super-customized set-up and hook-off hook for loading and unloading containers.

This specific installation responds perfectly to the needs of the customer EZB AG, a company specializing in recycling and work in the green with the need for recovery and disposal, and in work with man basket and anti-fall device .
For his daily work, the client has already chosen other Effer models (photos from their site, Irene): the latter 525 confirms the trust and satisfaction with the product and the partner he has entrusted to increase his business .

The Effer area manager for Switzerland, Reinhard Prantner, and Joerg Hodel, CEO of Hodel betriebe AG, proudly delivered a plaque to the customer to celebrate this special occasion.

Zurfluh Tobias of EZB AG explained the reasons for his choice of another Effer crane for his fleet: “For several years we have been relying on Hodel Betriebe Ag for our fittings, because it is the only one that always manages to meet our needs in such a competitive market as the one of Switzerland: its solutions combined with the excellent performance of Effer cranes make it possible to achieve the best result for our business“.

Joerg Hodel of Hodel Betriebe AG talked about his satisfaction and the commitment of his company: “I am very happy with the result achieved, and the credit goes to all my staff and collaborators who have worked hard over these years to support my vision, focused not on sales numbers, but on the quality and precision of our productions. We completely dedicate ourselves to the full satisfaction of our customers, who have repaid us with their trust and have made us a company reknown all over Switzerland for the excellence of its products. I also thank Effer s.p.a. because it is also because of it if we are here today: there could not be a Hodel set-up without the performance and precision of an Effer crane.”.