The new EFFER 1000 is the first crane in the 90tm segment range to offer a 9 boom structure with 6 JIB extensions designed to deliver the best vertical performance in its class, directly competing with that of cranes of bigger dimensions.
The crane was designed with the construction, rental and logistics sector’s needs in mind, specifically taking into consideration the load and lifting requirements that every day these businesses are challenged with, making the work safer, easier and performing.

The best vertical reach for your business

Reaching high and above, while lifting heavy loads is the everyday challenge your business encounters, with the EFFER 1000 you access the best vertical performance in its class while being able to maintain setup and installation costs to a 32t GVW truck, and having that extra payload always useful.

  • Construction

    • Possibility to deliver building materials at very high height.
    • The possibility to work in the safest way with the CE compliant MEWP delivers extra flexibility and is ideal for maintenance and inspection jobs.
    • An ‘up and over’ reach of over 26m corresponding to 7 to 8 floors of building.
    • Optimized available payload for materials, reducing trips to and from worksites.
  • Logistics

    • Connected services for optimizing work logistics and planning.
    • Increased JIB performance, ideal for heavy loads to be delivered when and where needed.
    • The stabilization setup allows to work close to the building, the very vertical extension all contribute in taking up less space towards the building or facilities.
    • High quality and durable equipment for intense use over the years.
  • Rental services

    • Ideal for metro areas, with high density traffic and tight streets.
    • Possibility to enter cities with fewer permits, and therefore lower cost.
    • Advantage compared to bigger and bulkier mobile cranes, a more flexible solution, can work in smaller spots and carry out a wide range of types of load deliveries.
    • Working with the MEWP man basket is safer and facilitated when working in very horizontal positions versus the use of normal aerial platforms.
  • Best vertical reach

    The EFFER 1000 has the best ‘market-first’ reach in its class 9+6 (9 boom extension and 6 extensions on the JIB plus two manuals extensions). The available STD and HD JIBs further contribute to elevated load positionings.

  • V10-Force

    The V10-Force decagonal boom design ensures one of the best vertical reaches with the least side deviation and oscillations. The 83° verticality of the booms extensions allow to distribute the weight along the structure without dissipating forces, all concurring to the best load capacity.


    Use the JIB at its most power at various level steps, meaning that at almost  every extension from 7th to 9th the JIB works still at its highest max performance level, and this is a one of the greatest news introduced in the FlyJIB industry for many years.

  • Payload

    You get the payload left using a smaller crane with the capacity of a range above, this is where this crane truly changes the game. Its vertical capabilities truly match bigger cranes, which usually require bigger truck setups with higher costs.



Grâce à la combinaison de tous les équipements disponibles, avec une grue,
il est possible d’avoir 5 solutions pour aller n’importe où :

– 8S
– 8S + JIB 6S
– 9S
– 9S + JIB 6S 
– 9S + JIB 6S HD

  • 8s


  • 8s + JIB 6s

    8s + JIB 6s

  • 9S


  • 9s + JIB 6s

    9s + JIB 6s

  • 9s + JIB 6s HEAVY DUTY

    9s + JIB 6s HEAVY DUTY


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