Our latest news: 105, DLC-S, XL jib and… a restyling!

15 May 2019

At bauma we presented many new products and solutions to allow our customers to work at best.

  • We launched a brand new model, the 105, the first model of a new Effer light range.

It has a clean, minimal design and ensures an outstanding power/weight ratio thanks to new structural solutions thanks to using more bends and less weldings on the main structural parts of the crane. Progress 2.0 electronic management system allows you to rely on R.A.C.E. (Remote Assistance Control Effer), the function to check all your crane parameters and to get immediate remote assistance in case of need. With R.A.C.E. you can also schedule the maintenance of your crane and manage your fleet.

  • DLC – S

With Progress 2.0 you can also optimize your work using DLC-S (Dynamic Load Chart-S) which can show you exactly what you can load and where in accordance with the stabilization of your crane. You can operate the crane with the Effer’s remote control, Steady, conceived to guarantee the maximum ease of use, ergonomics and lightness.
Your everyday work will be so comfortable!
Thanks to the potential of Progress 2.0 electronic control system, the crane is able to lift and manage loads as if it had connecting rods between the column and the first arm, improving the lifting curve (Electronic ETL). The result is an increased performance when the first boom goes in a vertical position (over 45°).


  • XL JIB

At bauma we also presented the new XL jib available for the models 1750, 1855, 2055, 2255.

Once again Effer has satisfied the need to reach even more extreme heights or distances with this particularly long and powerful jib. Effer conceived it in accordance with the most advanced design criteria and technology to guarantee the maximum performance. The fixed hook attachment is also an important operating advantage to lift big loads.



We also restyled one of Effer’s most popular models in the light range: the 35!

Now it is available also the version 1S for those clients who need an even lighter crane for their installation. Aside from optimising some structural features of the 35, it is possible to add up to 2 supplementary controls together with the hose support device.


Stay tuned and let us surprise you with the next innovations!