The new EFFER 1000 is the first crane in the 90tm segment range to offer a 9 boom structure with 6 JIB extensions designed to deliver the best vertical performance in its class, directly competing with that of cranes of bigger dimensions.
The crane was designed with the construction, rental and logistics sector’s needs in mind, specifically taking into consideration the load and lifting requirements that every day these businesses are challenged with, making the work safer, easier and performing.

Fiche technique

DESCRIPTION Unité de mesure 8S 9S
Moment de levage maxit(+20°) kgm 80640 80160
kNm 791 786
Angle de rotation (°) continua
Capacité de rotation – Pente maxi % 6.6
Débit d’huile maxi l/min 180
Capacité du reservoir d’huile l 240
Poids propre de la grue standard (± 2%) kg 9020 9275

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment

Diagrammes de charge

1000 - 8S
1000 - 8S JIB 6S
8S  JIB 6S
1000 - 9S
1000 - 9S JIB 6S HD
1000 - 9S JIB 6S
9S  JIB 6S
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