The importance of being experts (of Effer cranes)

19 May 2017

Courses dedicated to technical staff of official Effer sales partners and workshops have given increasingly satisfying results since the Academy started its activity in 2013.
Since then, the number of participants has grown by more than 100%, and Effer trainers have formed nearly 400 people from all over the world.

Effer trains its partners’ technicians in accordance with “train the trainer” philosophy: the best technical figures can participate in the courses Bologna headquarters, both attending theoretical lessons and practical application on the cranes. Once they go back to their workshops, they can share the new knowledge with their colleagues.

In this edition, training modules are focused on the electronic management systems Progress 2.0 and DMU 3000 PLUS, hydraulics for mobile applications, and HAWE distributor in CAN Bus.

In order to ensure transversal training for different levels of expertise on Progress 2.0 system, especially for CE and Australia markets, Effer has set up 3 levels of course: Basic, Advanced and Expert. In this way, all the participants can improve their skills, thus giving a better service to customers.

Here you can consult the Academy agenda.

About our training offer and resuslts achieved in these years, we interviewed our teacher at Effer Academy, Mauro Rovinetti:

-Mauro, which is your thought about Effer Academy evolution since its birth?
“In 2016 we have seen an outstanding increase in the number of participants compared to other editions, and for us this is an important confirmation from our worldwide sales network. The appreciation by trained people grew over time as well: from 2013, when it was 82%, we reached 90% in 2016. For us this means that we are actually reaching high standards of training for such a specific target as technical staff.

– Let’s talk about the results of training: which trend did you detect from the analysis of the surveys filled by the participants after the courses?
“Those who take part in a course can directly experience the benefits of training everyday in his work, and the same person often participates in a higher level technical course during the same academic year, or in the next edition. No doubt the skills of participants have increased over time,  the proof is that they make ever more precise and detailed questions as they face increasingly difficult courses. A clear sign of knowledge and mastery of the subject. In addition, the results of each session are  measured by surveys, both to determine the new skills acquired, and in terms of enjoyment, logistic organization and other factors. In this way we are able to improve our service of training every year more and more.”

– Which is the greatest satisfaction that you received in these years as a trainer?
“I saw that, due to an increase of the skills of participants during the courses, their questions can become so specific that they are small challenges for the product specialist who offers training as well. For me this is a cause of satisfaction and stimulation: it means that effort and commitment that I put into training have brought important results and, as a trainer and technician, I personally feel more and more enthusiastic about it. Another success is the confirmation from end customers that Effer and its partners offer quality service and are always at their side . “

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