Effer: yellow cranes with a green soul

19 May 2017
As a cranes manufacturer, Effer has a solid reputation since its birth: the great ability to customise its products and satisfy the most demanding and special needs.
A reputation that Effer maintains since over 50 years with lots of projects, for example as the one recently made for the administration of Hainaut county in Belgium, which needed a 14 txm crane to be installed on an agricultural tractor for the maintenance of rivers shores in that area.
Together with the partner CEFA, Effer designed and carried out a solution for the client by installing a model 145.2 with Progress 2.0 on a tractor. This kind of configuration allows the operator to cut and remove bushes and young trees along the riversides.
Effer’s Belgian partner, well known for its ability in making particular installations in accordance with also the most specific needs, has mounted articulated feet which are tailor-made to fit the vehicle shape, and the rear stabilisers have been mounted diagonally for the maximum stability during any operation. On the front side it has been applied a blade to increase the stability of the vehicle.
The main advantage is surely the fact that you can have a 4-wheel-drive agricultural tractor which can move on different grounds, and it is a versatile tool since the operator can mount on the crane the accessory to cut wood. Furthermore, the crane can work together with a saw to cut trees at a distance of 15 metres as well!
Together, Effer and CEFA have been able to give added value to the client and to his work, also in case of such a speficic and particular request.