Even more an Effer!

Each and every part of an Effer crane makes it even more an Effer.

Chose to keep it performing at its highest level, Effer Original Spare Parts mean durability and reliability over the years to come.

An Effer crane is a long lasting partner, and as strong and reliable brand, we are committed to giving the best support to our Customers over its years of use with the best knowledge we can offer, and the highest level of quality of our services and parts.

Key to maintaining the best performance and adding durability is by using Effer Original Spare Parts. 

Effer Original Spare Parts are designed from the very beginning to guarantee a ‘one to one’ replacement with the OEM components and together with the official network’s competence excellence, they stand to support your daily business in accordance to the toughest requirements.

Always demand for Effer Original Spare Parts when giving your crane its new life.

In order to become Effer Original Spare Parts, the components are tested and certified according to the same standards used for making a brand new crane, and for this we stand behind their performance, day after day.


A smart delivery to support you wherever you are.

Effer understands the urgency and importance of having to deliver parts in a prompt manner. For this, the ordering and logistics are tailored to have them reach Customers around the world in an efficient a fast way.