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EverythIng under control, always

Work done using Effer cranes is made exceptionally easy and safe thanks to high technology electronic control systems*. Based on the various crane types, Effer offers two different solutions: DMU3000 PLUS and PROGRESS. The benefits deriving from both systems can be grouped in three areas:

• System structure

• Crane control tools

• Effects on crane operation

* On some crane models belonging to the medium and small range, the movement control system is solely achieved using hydraulic components.

Technical possibilities of PROGRESS


    The best in the world. PROGRESS is a sophisticated crane electronic control system designed by Effer in collaboration with DANFOSS, world leader in hydraulic and electronic components.

    Easy connections. PROGRESS uses CAN-BUS technology, to connect the various electronic components installed on the crane.

    Zero damages. Electronic components and system sensors are located in protected positions to avoid accidental damage.

    Water proof. The entire system has a degree of protection of IP67, water and weather resistant.

    Total control. Other electronic functions having to do with the truck can be controlled as well from the remote control (e.g.: switching on and off of the engine). PROGRESS allows the crane electrohydraulic system to be integrated with other operating functions, for example connecting the front stabilizers to it, or activating other accessories of the truck (dump hoist, towing winch, platform, hydraulic tools, etc.).

    Let there be light! PROGRESS allows the activation of any headlights placed on the crane booms by means of the remote control.

    Safety standard. PROGRESS guarantees the standard ‘safety performance level C‘ and, on demand for the aerial basket, the standard ‘safety performance level D‘ (see EN 280:2001).


    Air geometries. PROGRESS allows you to display and keep under control at the crane base and on the remote control display the geometrical arrangement of the crane booms.

    Ground geometries. It also allows you to display and control the geometrical arrangement of the stabilizers.

    Work areas. PROGRESS controls up to 4 different work areas of the crane: front, back, right and left. It considers the loads which can be applied in each area, according to the truck stability and lateral extension of the stabilizers.

    Performance in sight. Indicators on the crane performance can be displayed minute by minute on the machine or on the 4.3 inch graphic monitor of the remote control. The operator can always keep the crane, vehicle and load conditions under control.

    Hooks. PROGRESS allows you to display the value for the load applied to the crane hook or winch hook (optional).

    Lift the maximum. PROGRESS automatically calculates the maximum lifting capacity based on the actual extension of the stabilizers.


    No oversight. PROGRESS stores the crane operating cycles and faults detected, and indicates scheduled maintenance operations.

    Numbers add up. PROGRESS constantly counts the time during which the crane is on and the time during which the crane is moved. Moreover, it stores all movements carried out at maximum performance, thus allowing you to calculate the use status of the crane and therefore its residual life span.

    Remote help. When needed, remote assistance can be activated by the dealer or headquarters.

    Move your feet. PROGRESS controls movement and positioning of the stabilizers by means of the remote control, allowing the operator to work safely even in difficult conditions.


    What a performance! PROGRESS allows the operator to monitor all crane performances from inside the machine and from the remote control display.

    Speed and loading. PROGRESS optimizes crane speed according to the load applied and geometrical position of booms.

    MSL. PROGRESS reduces load oscillations thanks to the MAX SPEED LIMITATION system, which controls the crane hook speed even when there are many boom movements combined, thus preventing uncontrolled oscillations of the load and shocks to the crane structure.

    Many things together. PROGRESS controls FLOW SHARING, which enables the hydraulic system to use the oil available in the crane to perform many operations at the same time.

    Limit achieved. PROGRESS indicates to the operator that the maximum operating limits have been reached, being these geometrical or load limits, using easy to understand words which are displayed on the machine and on the remote control.

  5. SENSE -  The maximum performance, always 

    Effer developed this solution to increase in real time the performance of the crane in a safe way. Thanks to Sense, the electronic management system Progress 2.0 calculates the stability in each point of the operative area in accordance with the actual extension of the stabilizers and maximizes the load capacity everywhere, also with ballast. The operator can consult customized load diagrams in order to exactly know the performance of his own crane in any working condition.

  6. Dynamic Load Chart (DLC)

    Before to start working, you can see on the remote control display the real loading capacity according to how you stabilized the crane. In fact, the Load chart calculates the crane performance on 360 ° operative radius and for each extension of the crane. You can immediately know how much you can lift in a specific direction and know in advance the potentiality in the neighboring areas. This feature of Progress 2.0 facilitates the operator work even in the most complex operating situations with a saving of time and major safety.

  7. RACE – Remote Assistance Control Effer

    RACE is the new connectivity system for Effer cranes, developed thanks to Progress 2.0 electronics, that allows you to always stay connected to your crane and to consult the data. With RACE you can manage and plan your work quickly and easily, thus increasing productivity. And your Effer Point service can intervene immediately in case of need via remote access to fix any errors. RACE allows you to monitor the state of your crane from any stationary or mobile device, such as smartphone, tablet, and PC. Furthermore, from RACE control panel you are able to know how long until the maintenance of your crane, and plan in advance the activities together with your Effer Service Point.

  8. STEADY – Effer’s remote control

    Over 50 expert crane operators tested all possible remote control layouts and holding positions. Effer has used their expertise to develop STEADY.
    It is is 100% integrated with Progress 2.0, is conceived for the maximum ergonomics and user friendliness of the operators. It is much lighter than other remote controls in the same category, and the commands and display are designed to have everything always under control. This means that you can enjoy optimum comfort throughout your working day. The arms and the hands remain in a natural position while the operator is driving the crane, thus reducing posture strain.
    Furthermore, you can work easily also in low light conditions thanks to its backlight around the display.

TechnIcal possIbIlItIes of DMU 3000 Plus


    Safety over time. DMU3000 PLUS is a simple and highly reliable electronic system, which allows you to work with the crane in full safety, preventing possibly dangerous maneuvers.

    No damage. Electronic components and system sensors are located in protected positions to avoid accidental damages.

    All in one. DMU3000 PLUS is a system which besides the crane functions, controls other truck electronic functions as well (e.g.: switching on/off of the truck directly from the remote control).

    Against water. The entire system has a degree of protection of IP67, water and weather resistant.


    Dual zone. DMU 3000 PLUS allows two different work areas of the crane to be controlled based on truck stability.

    360° stability. DMU 3000 PLUS can be also applied to crane with CroSStab base. It optimizes various lifting performances depending on the positioning of the rotary stabilizer.

    Display. With DMU 3000 PLUS you can display the main crane performance elements either on the panel on the machine or on the remote control.

    Maintenance. DMU 3000 PLUS stores the crane’s operating cycles, and indicates the need for scheduled maintenance operations.

    How long does it take? DMU 3000 PLUS constantly counts the time during which the crane is on and the time during which the crane is moved. Moreover, it stores all movements carried out at maximum performance, thus allowing you to calculate the use status of the crane and therefore its residual lifespan.



    Remote Control. DMU 3000 PLUS allows the operator to monitor the main crane performances from the remote control display.

    Maximum limit. DMU 3000 PLUS automatically controls the crane speed as the maximum permitted loading values are reached.

    Stability Monitoring. The exclusive Effer truck anti-tilt system combined with DMU 3000 PLUS, allows you to operate with the crane safely.



    The crane electronic control systems – in particular PROGRESS - allow you to activate more movements at the same time in any working condition, reducing movement times considerably. The remote control of additional functions, electronic or hydraulic, of the crane or truck, allows you to save time during daily work.

    Time to Money

    Effer electronic control systems give you the chance to constantly see all operating data of the crane on the remote control display, to handle loads easily and safely.


    DMU3000 PLUS and PROGRESS constantly process the geometric shape and the values of the loads applied to the crane hook: The crane takes up the speed and acceleration that are more suitable to obtain maximum movement precision.


    Electronic components are located in protected positions to reduce to a minimum the risk of accidental damages. The IP67 guarantees long durability. Effer electronic control systems store crane operating cycles, and general operation time during the use of the crane, and allow you to calculate its degree of use, indicating scheduled maintenance operations.


    The control of the load applied to the crane, the FLOW SHARING system and the MAX SPEED LIMITATION system ensure maximum safety of people and that of the load, even when crane performance is to the maximum. The reaching of the crane maximum working limits are indicated on the display by means of indicator lights. Effer electronic control systems control the progressive speed variation of the crane movements according to the load applied and its position.


    The display and control of the various work areas, performances and geometric arrangement of the crane on the display, allow you to use the crane to the maximum of its performance. When needed, PROGRESS allows the activation of remote assistance by the dealer or headquarters using the internet.

    No Limits