HiConnect for ultimate Fleet and Asset optimization


Take away the guesswork with HiConnect for Effer cranes

HiConnect™ for Effer cranes is a Connected Service that keeps you one step ahead with next-generation intelligence. Follow your Effer crane in real-time and keep track of how it’s being used to ensure proper handling. Use the new insights to further increase efficiency, productivity, and safety. 

  • Stay on top of operation performance
  • Improve operators safety and skills
  • Be in control of service needs

Data-driven efficiency and safety with HiConnect

Watch this short video to understand what HiConnect does and how it can help your business productivity.

How HiConnect works

Safety during operation

Real-time operational data gives you an unprecedented level of control to prevent accidents, avoid costly downtime, and increase the lifetime of your equipment. 

Facts at your fingertips


Service managers: Gain control over your fleet's service needs

Increase utilization and reduce downtime by understanding future service needs. View your equipment’s service history, upcoming services according to service plans and real-time service counters based on actual usage.

  • Increase equipment lifetime
  • Optimize service needs
  • Avoid unexpected downtime

Safety managers: Minimize accidents and unsafe equipment use

Get real-time information about incidents that may compromise the safety or functionality of your EFFER cranes. View reports and get a clear picture of your equipment’s condition.

  • Reduce equipment misuse
  • Increase equipment lifetime
  • Improve safety conditions

Fleet managers: Stay on top of performance

Get an immediate overview of your EFFER crane's utilization over 24 hours. Understand how equipment has been used, where, what times and with what capacity.

  • Increase uptime
  • Improve productivity
  • Optimize usage and utilization 

Easy integration with existing fleet management system

You can easily connect our HiConnect Enterprise to an existing fleet management system. This way you get an overview of all your operations in one single place. Should someone borrow your equipment our HiConnect Enterprise can be connected to their system as well.

You can benefit from HiConnect for EFFER in two ways.

  • HiConnect gives businesses a map and overview of operation insights to understand equipment usage and performance - at no cost.
  • HiConnect Premium offers a complete service that delivers excellence through data. Put your entire fleet at your fingertips and see operation and operator performance KPIs, individual site visits, service alerts, and equipment history.

HiConnect is available for all products equipped with connectivity and marked with the connectivity symbol. Availability and functionality may vary between markets. Please consult your local Hiab sales executive.

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Availability and functionality may vary between markets. Please consult your local Hiab sales executive.